Geney/Gassiot, Inc. is a full-service construction company with the financial strength, resources, and the expertise to meet the full spectrum of preconstruction, construction, construction management and sustainable construction services.


  • Preconstruction
  • Construction
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Construction Management

The success of every project begins with the creative implementation of an interactive preconstruction process designed to intelligently leverage the inherent interdependence of key stakeholders. This approach provides the opportunity to better serve the needs, expectations and profitability of our clients. At Geney/Gassiot, Inc. we assist our clients in the facilitation of the entire development and construction process.

Our focus on early proactive involvement provides the technical and organizational leadership necessary to realize the greatest positive impact on actual construction to optimize owner value while ensuring on time and on budget delivery.

Preconstruction programs can include a variety services including the following.

  • Team assembly and trust building
  • Determination of project delivery systems
  • Scope and budget development
  • Comprehensive cost estimating
  • Documentation of decisions
  • Variance reporting
  • Development and construction scheduling
  • Cash flow scheduling
  • Financial viability studies
  • Escalation and market projections
  • 3D constructability analysis
  • Materials and systems analysis
  • Risk reduction
  • Community stimulus and outreach programs
  • Contractor Prequalification programs

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. has exceptional depth and breadth in commercial construction. Our experience and technical expertise includes a variety of public, private and negotiated commercial projects. Typically, our projects are awarded through competitive bid processes or negotiated contracts with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) provision. This allows us to provide absolute guarantees as to delivery and final costs.

From an emphasis on facilitative leadership and effective communication, we create a holistic construction environment of deep collaboration, reliable promise keeping, relational focus and continuous process improvement that synergetically delivers projects on time and on budget.

The key elements of our construction service line include the following.

  • Contract administration and procurement processes
  • Comprehensive cost control
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling with customized reporting
  • Self-performed concrete and carpentry services
  • Documented safety programs and protocols
  • Comprehensive submittal and shop drawing processes
  • Coordination of Owner supplied equipment and services
  • Project close out, commissioning and warranty protection procedures
  • Compliance assurance and quality control
  • Coordination of all construction activities and responsibilities
  • Comprehensive document control
  • Coordination and maintenance of project specific safety programs
  • Payment and change management, review, verification and processing
  • Assistance in the review, evaluation and documentation of Claims
  • Implementation and management of commissioning and close out procedures

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. promotes a philosophy of conscientious development through the design and implementation of sustainable construction methodologies. We provide Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional services for those clients seeking assistance in LEED Certification. We approach each of our projects with an intentionality to preserve and enhance our natural environment, economy, and health.

Sustainable Construction Services include the following.

  • Guidance in judicious and responsible construction behavior
  • Leadership in project specific environmental stewardship
  • Cost benefit analysis of LEED construction methodologies
  • Construction phase LEED Documentation
  • Expertise in LEED Certification filings
  • Forest Stewardship Council documentation and certification
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative documentation and certification
  • Expert management of commissioning programs
  • Community consciousness programs
  • Energy performance contracting

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. provides a complete range of construction management services for successful project planning, coordination and control from inception to completion to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time, within budgetary parameters and to the required standards of quality. We perform exclusively in the best interest of our clients to provide comprehensive management throughout each stage of development.

Construction Management services include the following.

Program Management

  • Assistance in selection and coordination of master planners
    and architectural design personnel
  • Assistance in selection and coordination of engineering consultants
    and equipment manufacturers
  • Establishment of program budgets and budgetary control systems

Preconstruction Services

  • Development, process, construction, phasing and cash flow scheduling
  • Design reviews for constructability, alternative methodologies and potential economies
  • Management, administration and accounting of fixture, furnishing and equipment planning
  • Design and implementation of risk management procedures
  • Administration of competitive bid and award processes
  • Assistance in procurement of necessary permits and entitlements

Construction Services

  • Project specific management, supervision, cost control, scheduling and reporting services