Vida Luxury Living

Despite the late brush with winter, construction is in full swing on the prestigious 312-unit Vida Luxury Living multifamily community in Northwest Reno. The first, of twenty-one, residential buildings, centrally located Clubhouse and expansive pool area will open to resident occupancy in spring 2019. Follow the link to one of our daily aerial flyovers.https://1drv.ms/a/s!AoWLH61n4QV0gdYLCM2Blmv0YIzFqA

For more information about life at Vida visit www.livingatvida.com



Health Care is Hot

The health care teams at GGI are keeping pace with the design, entitlement and launch of multiple projects in the region serving a variety of in-patient and out-patient service needs. The work includes departmental focuses on cardiology, lab, pharmacy, pediatrics, MRI, MPOE, central plant upgrades, parking, campus site improvements, and a host of multi-specialty clinics.

The company's dedicated focus on community health care began in 1991 and has never slowed in all these years. Most precious, is GGI's work in cancer treatment, both chemical oncology and radiation therapy, including the installation of the area's most advanced linear accelerator.



Truckee Art Haus

GGI has been awarded a premier role in the development and construction of the Truckee Art Haus. Design and pre-construction activities are progressing rapidly and construction will soon begin on this iconic, flagship entry piece to the Truckee Rail yard Development and Truckee's downtown community and entertainment hub.

GGI is following the skillful lead of Brett Smith and Rosie Donovan, two gifted provocateurs representing DeForest Architects. The team at DA+ values the art of going slow to go fast, taking special care to protect the relational imperatives of its stakeholders by maintaining the alignment of project scope, schedule and cost. For more information visit www.deforestarchitects.com



Vida Luxury Living Groundbreaking.

Commercial real estate investment firm Guardian Capital www.guardian-capital.com has selected GGI to construct the prestigious Vida Luxury Living multifamily community in the hills of Northwest Reno. This premier community will be centered around an extravagant Clubhouse, fitness facility, covered parking and a luxurious pool complete with bocce ball courts. Interior appointments of the living spaces will include gourmet kitchens, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances and high-end plank flooring. Construction is underway and Phase 1 delivery is expected in early 2018. For more information visit www.livingatvida.com.



In the blink of an eye........ Well, maybe a couple of blinks.

Geney/Gassiot,Inc. has been posting key wins in the fiercely competitive bid market. GGI is presently launching projects with the Truckee Tahoe Airport District, Incline Village General Improvement District, Tahoe Forest Hospital District, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The GGI estimating team, led by Mari Tilzey, is a lean machine providing our clientele with superb cost value, creative delivery strategies and the resources to deliver high quality Excellence. On Time. On Budget.

Whether public or private projects, GGI is posturing its clients at the forefront of this burgeoning market.



Process, process, process

To achieve the standard of excellence that GGI has become synonymous with requires focus on process improvement. The GGI team recently went live with two such overhauls to up the ante on its construction scheduling and quality control policies. The strength of these improved standards will increase the value of relationships both internal and external to the business and generate breakthrough results in the context of work product value and project delivery. At present, there is an intense focus on the anatomy of advanced production and the amplification of continuity between office and field operations. To some, process improvement may not matter much. To GGI, it's the essential for growth, prosperity and sustainability. Congratulations to each of the various leaders that have stepped up to champion these undertakings.



Visioning and Leadership Forum

The GGI team is beaming following the recent Visioning and Leadership Forum. The team revisited its "2016 and Beyond Goals" the Value-Mission-Vision source documents that guide the company and there was a high-leverage discussion about the business focus of the company and the pipeline for future work. The key agenda items revolved around the completion and celebration of the Values Project and the Office / Field Project. These internal endeavors have fostered an increase in trust and affinity throughout the composite team, while elevating certain individuals to superstar status as voted upon by their colleagues. Outstanding achievement awards were presented Mari Tilzey, Ron Shawver, Kathy Geney, Sarah Vaughan and Mike Buckles. Congratulations to you all! To cap the event, Ron Shawver and Sarah Vaughan were selected to champion two future projects to escalate Field / Office continuity and to advance scheduling policies and proficiencies company-wide. We look forward to their results.

There is so much that has been accomplished over the past year, giving the team countless reasons to celebrate.



Open House Celebration of Measure C Projects

Tahoe Forest Health System hosted a community-wide celebration to announce the completion of the final phase of its Measure C construction projects. There was a multitude of dignitary speeches and most were focused on the project complexities and the fact that the $100M series of 15 projects was delivered within 1.2% of an original budget set nearly ten years ago. Rick McConn and Mike Geney were acknowledged by several speakers and the Director of Community Involvement made special recognition of Jason Shakespeare, Ron Shawver and Sarah Vaughn for their commendable contributions. Following the opening ceremony the community was invited to a tour of the new and improved facilities. Throughout the tour the GGI team was met with hugs and congratulatory comments by staffers and community attendees alike.

The GGI team is deeply honored and especially proud of its affiliation with Tahoe Forest Health System.



GGI Builds Its Way Towards the Brightest Future

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. is running at full speed and capacity as it tackles new undertakings and opportunities in the community. With the dynamically improved economy, GGI is attracting new team members and pursuing a multitude of projects that strengthen culture and community. We are delivering preconstruction services for several iconic projects appearing in the Reno/Tahoe area.  GGI will soon be playing a key role in the redevelopment of the West 2nd District.  We are very excited about the future for downtown Reno and proud to be tackling this undertaking with the best team that our company has ever fielded. The opportunities that are in motion will strongly enhance the Reno/Tahoe community.

More information:



GGI Hosts Visioning & Leadership Forum for Employees

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. hosted its tenth Visioning and Leadership Forum, in which all company employees participated in two days of constructing ideas to broaden the horizons of their futures personally and professionally. GGI dedicated it’s time to rewrite and focus on the values, mission, and vision of the company and its employees, and to rewrite philosophies in order to build a stronger culture within the work atmosphere. The amount of information composed between employees will drive the company farther forward into a brighter future, and strengthen the unity and values of GGI. This forum was also extremely beneficial for uplifting the spirits of each team member, and expanding their pursuit to broaden their horizons. It was an extremely powerful and beneficial experience for everyone attending. 



Geney/Gassiot, Inc. Gets in the Christmas Spirit

Reno Rodeo Clothing Drive and Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary

This holiday season, Geney/Gassiot, Inc. decided to make donations to two local foundations. 

2015 Reno Rodeo Denim Drive held its annual clothing drive for abused, neglected, and abandoned children directly in our community, and GGI joined their cause to collect new jeans, shirts, infant and toddler clothing, jackets, socks, underwear and other clothing. The Reno Rodeo Foundation provides these clothes for babies, children, and teenagers rescued from unsafe homes and unimaginable circumstances everyday across 14 Northern Nevada counties. Hoping to make some children's Christmas a little brighter, through the generous donations of GGI,  we were able to make some children's Christmas very merry.

The Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary is a foundation that Geney/Gassiot, Inc. has been very passionate about. With several dog loving employees this foundation always tugs on our tails. The CRCS is a nonprofit charity local dog sanctuary and the only dog sanctuary in Northern Nevada area that puts dogs through a recovery program then finds them a new home. The Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary provides rescue, recovery and placement of at-risk dogs in our community. Their refuge is offered to dogs in need of care after being victims of abuse, dog fighting, laboratory research, neglect, hoarding, long term confinement, and puppy mills. We helped raise much needed items such as cleaning products, dog food, toys, and bedding. This made for a very Merry Christmas for the four-legged companions as well as for the many volunteers that are so dedicated to helping dogs recover from trauma.



The Passing of a Colleague, Mentor and Dear Friend

Marvin Baker

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. was the beneficiary of a business and deeply personal relationship with Marvin Baker that spanned two and half decades.  We are deeply saddened by his passing on June 22, 2015 after a year-long battle with leukemia.  Marvin was an avid outdoorsman and many of us would sit mesmerized for hours while he shared of his exploits in the wilds. Marvin was a leader of the highest order, an entrepreneur at heart and a mentor to anyone with a passion for the intricacies of engineering and construction.  He taught of ethics, the benefits of collaboration and the need to have a little fun.  The shadow that he cast over our operation improved our character and heightened our professionalism.  The sheer presence of this great man created a peace that was touching to the core. 

Rest in peace “Boss” and XOXOXO’s to Peggy and the family that loved him so dearly.




Mari Tilzey joins Geney/Gassiot's Team

We are proud to announce the hiring of Mari Tilzey as the Senior Estimator and Preconstruction Manager. Mari has over 25 years of experience in estimating in Nevada that she will be bringing to this position. Mari is a local Nevadan, and attended the University of Nevada, Reno. She has experience in construction projects ranging from $1 to $50 million in both the public and private sector utilizing several different methods of project delivery. At Geney/Gassiot, Mari will be in charge of the estimating department and preconstruction services.

“Mari serves a vital function and facilitates a dynamic shift in the growth of our firm. She is an exceptionally gifted spirit with a community-oriented focus that is strengthened by her emphasis on excellence,” said Mike Geney, owner of Geney/Gassiot Inc. “We are very fortunate to have welcomed her to our team.”




Geney/Gassiot Inc. Employees Enjoy Christmas Giving

Senior Community Angel Tree Tags

The employees of Geney/Gassiot, Inc. choose to lend a helping hand to the Senior Community Angel Tree. Most employees chose to buy for several seniors.  This year the results were incredible. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave" Calvin Coolidge




TFHD, South Wing and Connecting Corridor Project

GGI is extremely proud to announce the groundbreaking of the $22Mil South Building project.

The South Building is a building replacement project and a delicate infill project requiring the demolition of two existing building structures constructed in 1952 and 1966 which are positioned at the heart of a fully functional medical campus.  The completed building will support an expansion to dietary services at its lower level and a state-of-art obstetrics birthing center will occupy at the upper level.  The birthing center will include labor and delivery rooms, post-partum rooms, a C-section surgical suite and the necessary ancillary spaces needed to support medical staff and general public needs.  This is the fifteenth and final project of the Measure C master plan, a sequential development plan meant to vastly improve acute health care services, cancer treatment and central plant utility infrastructure.  Total development costs are in excess of $100mil.  For more information follow the link.  www.measurecprojects.com

The start of the South Building simultaneously marks the milestone achievement of campus-wide seismic compliance as mandated by California Senate Bill 1953.  The goal of this legislation is ensure the operational integrity of California hospitals in the event of a large and damaging earthquake.  This rare and vital achievement culminates more than a decade’s worth of work to meet stringent seismic safety requirements and will provide an immeasurable level benefit to the general public. 

More information:



Natividad Medical Center

Work is well underway to renovate 21,000 square feet of outpatient clinical exam and treatment spaces for the Natividad Medical Center located in Salinas, CA.  The $3.5Mil project will accommodate more than three dozen exam and procedure spaces and will house an expansive level of administration and medical staff support functions.  The completed project will be operated by the Monterey County Health Department.  Construction is scheduled to be completed in early 2015.

In an unprecedented effort,GGI has instituted a specific hiring solution for the project to see that more than 50% of its total construction work force is staff are residents of the Monterey Bay Area. We are very proud to support the welfare of these citizens.



Wawona Hotel

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. recently completed the Wawona Hotel Complex HVAC and Hot Water System Improvements project.  Located in Yosemite National Park, the Wawona Hotel is a designated national historic landmark of extreme architectural significance.  The scope of work included running new mechanical piping from the central plant to six (6) separate building structures amidst an ancient Indian burial site, plus additional interior improvements within all six (6) buildings.  Extensive coordination took place with the owner and federal historic experts to ensure all work complied with the United States Secretary of Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.   Geney/Gassiot was honored to be able to partake in such a technical and logistical project located in such a historical monument.



Christmas 2013 and CRCS

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. decided to donate to the new canine shelter in Washoe Valley, CRCS- Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary, this holiday season. Many items were collected for the shelter from dog treats, dog beds and even office supplies. This made for a very Merry Christmas for the four-legged companions as well as for the many volunteers.




Another Assault on Safety

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. recently launched another blitz on safety to sustain its impeccable Experience Modification Factor and Zero OSHA Incident Rating.  In conjunction with Elite Safety Companies, Inc. and guidance from Specialized Safety Services, an effort is underway to further improve job site specific to confined space safety training and the development of a fully equipped rescue and extraction team to safeguard our employees from the increased risk exposures associated with construction activities within confined spaces.

As a long-time advocate of proactive programs intended to prevent job site accidents, Geney/Gassiot regularly participates in independent third party safety inspections and OSHA on site safety consultations.  These programs seek to identify potential workplace hazards, generate insight as to OSHA compliance and support the evolution and improvement of our company-wide and project specific injury and illness prevention programs.
Geney/Gassiot remains deeply committed to providing its employees, subcontractors and specialty vendors with a safe and healthy working environment.



TFHD ED/SPD Increment 2

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. recently launched the last increment of a multi-phase project to expand Emergency Department Services and Surgical Sterile Processing for Tahoe Forest Hospital, located in Truckee, CA.  The $12.8M project provides newly constructed expansions to both departments as well as an extensive scope of renovation within the existing facility.  Each element of construction has been carefully planned and rehearsed to prevent any possible infringement upon hospital operations.

This is an exciting project that will add to the Geney/Gassiot, Inc. portfolio of acute care "in-fill" projects, which have been successfully completed amidst the 24-hour environment of hospital operations. 



Truckee's new Cancer Center

"A triumph of design, science and compassion"

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. along with the nationally recognized healthcare designer FreemanWhite have been awarded the Commercial Project of the Year Award by the Tahoe Quarterly for their contributions to the Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center. The Geney/Gassiot, Inc. and Freeman White teams will be recognized for their achievements during the forthcoming 14th Annual Best of Tahoe Chefs event on May 19, 2013.

A link to the full article in Tahoe Quarterly's Mountain Home 2013 edition will soon follow.

More information:
Click here for link to the Tahoe Quarterly article



Tis' the season to give back...


This year Geney/Gassiot, Inc. adopted a family of seven through the Truckee Meadows Boys and Girls Club hoping to make the family's Christmas a little brighter, thru the generous donations of the Geney/Gassiot, Inc. staff we were able to make a family's Christmas very merry. 


Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!



Wawona Hotel Complex

Delaware North Companies, in conjunction with the National Park Service, has selected Geney/Gassiot Inc. for the Wawona Hotel Complex HVAC and Hot Water System Improvements project.

Located in the Yosemite National Park, the Wawona Hotel is a National Historic Landmark listed in the Register of Historic Places.  In 1878, fire destroyed the original buildings and the entire establishment was rebuilt and opened the following year in 1879. The only buildings to survive the fire of 1878 were the stable and the now named Clark Cottage, which opened in 1876.

Geney/Gassiot was one of five general contractors pre-selected and qualified to bid the Wawona Hotel project.  Through a highly extensive RFP/RFQ process and after a detailed review, Geney/Gassiot was awarded the work for the Wawona Hotel project.

Geney/Gassiot ‘s strength and expertise lies in the ability to effectively master projects with logistical and highly technical challenges.  With the detailed logical approach to the Wawona project, coupled with this firm’s history of triumphantly overcoming numerous challenges and setbacks, Geney/Gassiot is honored with the ability to deliver a successful project.

Geney/Gassiot is especially pleased with the fact the Wawona Hotel project aligns so well with the company’s core values, mission statement and corporate vision.


More information:
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ALS Minerals looks to Geney/Gassiot, Inc. for Laboratory Expansion

ALS Minerals, a global leader in analytical data and metallurgy services for the mining industry recently awarded Geney/Gassiot, Inc. with a project to expand its Sparks, NV laboratory. The work includes an extensive expansion to the work stations utilized for crushing and pulverizing mineral samples, the relocation of mineral drying ovens and the highly specialized mechanical plenums needed to support these functions. GGI is very proud to assist ALS Minerals in completing its aggressive plans for capacity expansion across much of North America.



GGI staff, families and friends head to the Aces game…

The staff, their families and friends enjoyed a spectacular time at the Aces game this year.  The evening included a great seating venue in the two suites reserved by GGI along the first base line which allowed everyone to enjoy the game from a great vantage point while enjoying dinner together with family and friends.   This is the second year GGI has taken its employees and families to the Aces Game and once again it was great success.  As always, it was a great time to enjoy each other’s company outside of the office.  A good time was had by all.



4th Annual Concert Series and Wine Tasting a Big Hit

Within the intimate setting of “Studio G”, Geney/Gassiot, Inc. hosted its fourth annual house concert featuring Andy and Renee. Eleven-time recording artists and Los Angeles Music Awards “Americana Group of the Year” Andy Hill and Renee Safier thrilled the crowd with not only their musical talents, but also their charm and personal connection with those in attendance. GGI’s family of friends and business associates were treated to a much needed break from the construction grind to enjoy the pleasure and joyfulness that can only come from a live musical event. It was a very special night accented by the cuisine of Voila Catering and fine wines from V. Satuii Winery and Castello de Amorosa. To stay hip with the antics of Andy and Renee and their band Hard Rain be sure to check out their website through the link below.  Please be sure to them drop a note and tell them that Reno needs more house concerts.

More information:
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The Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center

VIP Grand Opening Celebration and Ribbon Cutting

The VIP Grand Opening for the Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center took place July 17, 2012.

The new Tahoe Forest Cancer Center, a service of Tahoe Forest Health System located in Truckee, CA, announced the official building naming as the Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center.  The naming of the Cancer Center will honor Gene Upshaw’s legacy and advance the Upshaw family’s passion for quality medical care for cancer patients and their families.

Gene Upshaw served as the executive director of the National Football League Players Association from June 1983 to August 2008, after a successful 16 year career as a player.  Gene was a perennial All-Pro offensive guard for the Oakland Raiders, and he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987, his first year of eligibility.  In 1980, Gene was a recipient of the prestigious Byron “Whizzer” White Humanitarian Award for outstanding contribution to “Team, Community and Country.”  As a long time Truckee resident, he truly loved this community.  Gene passed away at Tahoe Forest Hospital on August 20, 2008 from pancreatic cancer. 

More information:
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Foundation Community for Cancer Care Endowment Acknowledges Geney/Gassiot, Inc.

Laurence Heifetz, MD in conjunction with the Tahoe Forest Health System Foundation Community for Cancer Care Endowment recently honored Geney/Gassiot, Inc. with an exquisitely prepared luncheon and praises of acknowledgment for having completed the Tahoe Forest Cancer Center project on time, within the Board approved budget and to a level of quality that exceeded expectations. 
Dr. Heifetz called the project “a model for rural oncology care”, and the Foundation was especially appreciative of the contributions made by Geney/Gassiot, Inc. to aid the Foundation in its philanthropic pursuits.  Most notably, Geney/Gassiot, Inc. chaperoned dozens of hardhat tours of the project carefully orchestrated amid an active construction site.  These efforts alone raised in excess of $1 Million Dollars in donations. The Geney/Gassiot, Inc. team was further rewarded with a commemorating plaque personally signed by the entire staff.
The 34,000 square foot facility will soon be open for patient care. 



Geney/Gassiot, Inc. launches healthcare renovation projects in NV and CA

In keeping with a familiar genre, Geney/Gassiot, Inc. recently kicked off in-patient renovation projects in both California and Nevada.  The renovation projects include a CT replacement project, dietary kitchen, surgical staff facilities, medical records improvements, and relocated respiratory therapy services.  The work is specific to ongoing in-patient services and must be carefully coordinated amidst fully operational hospital environments.  At present, Geney/Gassiot, Inc. is managing a contract backlog of healthcare projects that extends into Fall of 2014.



Truckee Ranger Station Receives Gold LEED Certification

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. is extremely honored to have been recognized as a key contributor in the successful completion of the first LEED certified building for the United States Forest Service in all of California.  The 17,000 square foot project was originally targeted for LEED Silver Certification, but the Geney/Gassiot, Inc. team contributed to additional design and construction strategies that improved the quality of the project and effectively elevated the standard of recognition to Gold Certification.  Geney/Gassiot, Inc. would especially like to thank Ward-Young Architecture, Beaudin-Ganze Consulting Engineers, Gary Davis Group, and Bender Engineering.  It was a pleasure to work with each of you.

More information:
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Tahoe Forest Hospital District Cancer Center Project Nearing Completion

The Tahoe Forest Hospital District Cancer Center project in Truckee, California is now nearing completion.  The construction of the 34,000 square foot, two story facility is slated to be open 2012 and will include:

• Patient intake and reception, registration, family waiting, resource library, appearance center and volunteer work spaces
• Medical Oncology with eight infusion stations and nurse station
• Radiation Oncology including a linear accelerator vault, PET/CT diagnostics, physics lab and appropriate patient and staff support areas
• Oncology Clinic area including six exam rooms, nurse station, physician offices and tumor board/conference room with patient and staff support spaces

The upper level consisting of medical office and clinic space is proposed for future tenant build-out.  There is also penthouse space above the second floor that is used for mechanical equipment to serve both floors.

If you are interested in donating to the Tahoe Forest Health System Foundation Community for Cancer Care Endowment or would like a hard hat tour to preview the new Tahoe Forest Cancer Center while still under construction please click on the link below for more information.

The pictures below depict the proposed artist’s renderings of the building viewed from Donner Pass Road and the interior lobby area containing the Circle of Life, a beautiful work of art.

More information:
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Another Holiday Season and Two Local Families Adopted

With such high employee participation last holiday season, the Geney/Gassiot team adopted two local families during the month of December through the Truckee Meadows Boys and Girls Club.  Geney/Gassiot team members purchased gifts for the two families consisting of toys, clothes, electronics, skateboards, bicycles, and household goods.  All gifts were wrapped and hand delivered to the Boys and Girls Club in wishing to make these two families’ Christmas Holiday brighter and full of joy.



Geney/Gassiot, Inc. Packs 6 Tons of Food


As a part of giving back to the community, Geney/Gassiot, Inc. donated their time at the local food bank. Eighteen people from the Geney/Gassiot team packed over six tons of food in two days.

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada is a regional food distribution that provides a support system serving over 100 partner agencies and programs including food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, after-school programs and Kids Cafe (dinner program), Kids Cafe Summer Meals program, Food Stamp Outreach and much more.

The 2010 Hunger Study released in this month showed more than 124,200 people, including 49,556 children, receive emergency food service each year through the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. These findings represent a 298% increase since the findings reported in Hunger in America, 2006.

The Geney/Gassiot team contributed to The Food Bank demand by packing 12,405 pounds of food on February 15, 2011 and February 22, 2011. Duties included repackaging oranges, apples, breads, desserts, potatoes, and onions into smaller family-sized portions, packing boxes of canned goods and repacking lunchboxes. The team's experience in efficiency and precision in the workplace proved beneficial while working at the Food Bank. Members were able to quickly assess the task at hand, evaluate the most efficient procedure, and complete the mission quickly and accurately. In addition, the team was gratified knowing that every pound of food will go to a family before the end of the month.

More information:
Click here for more information about the Food Bank of Northern Nevada



Geney/Gassiot, Inc. Awarded New Mather Project

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. was recently awarded a $5.1 million contract to develop a psychiatric hospital for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento Division on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs Northern California Health Care System.  The project is located on the campus of the Sacramento VA Medical Center at Mather Airfield, Sacramento, California. 


Geney/Gassiot, Inc. has brought together an experienced and proven design and construction team for the project. The team is made up of Geney/Gassiot, Inc., as the prime contractor; C. Overaa & Co., a leading construction firm in Northern California as key subcontractor; and eCIFM Solutions, Inc. as the design partner having considerable experience working with the Department of Veterans Affairs. 


The Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit, Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System project is a design/build free-standing, 12,600 square foot, 16-bed facility that will meet the increasing demands of Northern California veterans. 


The design process is currently under way.  Construction is expected to begin summer 2011, and the project is scheduled to be completed by summer 2012.



Geney/Gassiot, Inc. Gives Back

This holiday season Geney/Gassiot, Inc. gave back to its local community in several ways. The company adopted a local family of six through the Truckee Meadows Boys and Girls Club.  Members of the Geney/Gassiot, Inc. team purchased a slew of Christmas presents for the family consisting of toys, clothes and electronics.   

The GGI Team has also decided to donate their time at the local food bank. On February 15, 2011, and February 22, 2011, team members will donate their afternoon packing food at The Food Bank of Northern Nevada/Donald W. Reynolds Regional Food Distribution Center.  Since volunteers are abundant during the holidays, Geney/Gassiot, Inc. elected to pack food in February, when the volunteers are sparse. 



Geney/Gassiot, Inc. Awarded for Excellence in Preservation

“It has been said that, at its best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future.”


Geney/Gassiot, Inc. and Siegel & Strain Architects joined forces in preserving an architectural masterpiece in the Tahoe-Truckee area in 2008. On Saturday, October 16, 2010 Geney/Gassiot, Inc. will be awarded by the California Preservation Foundation for excellence in preservation in the Large Rehabilitation category for their work on the Tahoe Fish Hatchery.


The ninety year old historic building was transformed into the current Tahoe Fish Hatchery which now includes a research laboratory, a scuba room, and a boat house. The original building was used for regulation of the Lake Tahoe fish populations through various pond systems that flowed directly into the building. The original watering structure has since been diverted but remains an integral part of the building and configuration. Sustainable construction features include cotton insulation, FSC and SFI lumber materials, daylight and occupancy sensor lighting control systems, systems commissioning, and remote operable windows. The updated building is presently being used as a research facility.


This project was submitted by Burton Peek Edwards AIA, LEED AP at Siegel & Strain Architects to the California Preservation Foundation, which is a “statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of California's diverse cultural and architectural heritage”. The California Preservation Foundation was organized in 1977 by a group of preservationists who found it necessary to save important, historical California landmarks and neighborhoods. Today there are over 1,500 members.


The California Preservation Foundation annually presents preservation design awards in nine categories: Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration, Reconstruction, Contextual In-Fill, Sustainability, Cultural Resource Studies/Reports, Craftsmanship/Preservation Technology, and Archaeology and Interpretive Exhibits. Geney/Gassiot, Inc. is going to be the recipient of a rehabilitation award, which recognizes projects that “make possible the continued historic use, or a compatible new use, through repair, alterations and additions, while preserving those portions or features which convey a site or structure’s historical, cultural or architectural values.”


This prestigious event takes place at the Getty Villa in Malibu, California. For more information about the Preservation Design Awards program, please visit www.californiapreservation.org.



2nd Annual Concert Series and BBQ a Huge Success

Geney/Gassiot, Inc. did it again! This year’s festivities were even grander than last year and came loaded with quite a few extras.

The team did a phenomenal job at turning their construction office into a tropical getaway filled with tiki torches, Plumerias, and palm trees galore. As the guests funneled into the luau, they were greeted by grass skirts and coconuts then adorned with leis and funny glasses. Needless to say, the “business” folk present were able to loosen their ties and have some fun in the sun.

Unlike last year’s open house, this gathering was meant for the celebration of good food, friends, and family. Bob, from Kinders Barbeque, prepared a unique Hawaiian style dinner for over 125 party goers; Friends of the company and business partners from as far as North Carolina were in attendance; and family members came from near and far to show their support at this event. Even Mike and Kathy Geney’s day old granddaughter was able to make an appearance.

Returning guests, Andy Hill and Renee Safier, were a huge hit throughout the night as they sang songs from their unreleased album, “Many Miles To Go”, all the way back to their very first album released in 1991. This time, Andy and Renee provided a list of familiar songs to the audience and took requests all night long. Their unwavering spirit and vivacious musical talent provided the perfect atmosphere under the garland covered canopy.

Overall, drinks came with umbrellas, songs came from the heart, and guests left with smiles.  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

More information:
Andy and Renee



Geney/Gassiot, Inc. to Hold 2nd Annual Concert Series

August 18, 2010

One year ago the team at Geney/Gassiot, Inc. celebrated the relocation of their construction office from mountainous Truckee, California to beautiful Reno, Nevada by hosting a phenomenal barbeque and concert. The hardworking team prepared for the over one hundred person event by making it an exclusive invitation only occasion that provided an intimate atmosphere between close friends and colleagues. 


The GGI one acre parcel was adorned with a giant white canopy, fantastic table settings made of rustic Nevada landscape, thank you posters for the donors that helped make the relocation successful, and a bounce house for the kids.  All employees were present and gracious as they proudly displayed their new home and amazing, futuristic technology. The east side of the property, where the main office lies, was less congested as patrons simply filed in and out for brief tours and to peer into the life of a Geney/Gassiot employee. However, the central and western portions of the property remained a constant flutter as friends and family gathered around the giant buffet line and toured Studio G. The studio, the second building on the parcel designated for project management, remained a big hit throughout the evening. Guests were more than blown away while they took virtual 3D tours through some of GGI’s current projects by watching the reproduction of construction via Autodesk® Navisworks® on a large flat screen television.


Even though the outstanding dinner supplied by Carson City BBQ and the homemade Sangria provided enough energy and conversation to last the evening, the real entertainment was provided by the very talented Andy & Renee, an award winning duo from the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The unforgettable pair of vocalists are close friends of the Geney family who have won countless awards including the 2007 LA Music Awards “Americana Group of the Year”, “Best Duo/Group” at the 2005 International Acoustic Music Awards, Kweevak.com "Top-40 CDs of the Year, runner-up for Best Folk Act at the 1999 Crossroads Music Awards, and a two year run in the Musician Magazine “Best Unsigned Band” Semifinals. The group uses their sweeping vocal harmonies, enthusiastic demeanors, and amazing instrumental skills to provide an extraordinary performance. Their upbeat personalities coupled with their acoustic abilities entice the bobbing of heads and clapping of hands as they play songs such as “somebody to leave” and “murder on the pier”. Last year the Geney family received loads of smiles and laughs as they sang along with Andy after they convinced him to play his comedic version of “Taking Care of Business” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive entitled, “Baking Powder Biscuits”.


Overall, guests were merely astounded due to all of the success and excitement. From the performance to the food to the camaraderie; the team at Geney/Gassiot, Inc. threw one unforgettable party. It goes without a doubt to say that this year’s gathering is bound to be the social event of the summer.


If you’d like more information about this event, please call 775.747.2200 or email info@geneygassiot.com


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Andy and Renee



Geney/Gassiot, Inc. Proudly Sponsors Golf Tournament

2nd Annual Gene Upshaw Memorial Golf Classic

Gray’s Crossing was the place to be July 11th and 12th as golfers from all over the Tahoe region were paired with a former NFL football player for eighteen holes of golf.  This prestigious event commemorated the life of Gene Upshaw, former Oakland Raiders All-Pro Offensive Guard, who died suddenly in 2008 of Pancreatic Cancer. The event, started by Gene’s wife, Terri, is quickly becoming one of the most respected and gallant tournaments in the Tahoe area.


NFL players came to honor the life of the Pro Football Hall of Famer as they participated in three of Gene’s favorite things: family, football, and golf. Last year, Terri Upshaw and the Truckee community raised enough money in very little time to put on this impressive event. After such a remarkable turnout last year, it was clear that this year’s event would be welcomed with just as much love and support from the community and beyond.


The proceeds from this event support the Gene Upshaw Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research and other important programs and services of Tahoe Forest Health System. However, this event is not possible without the help of the community and all of the very special donors. Geney/Gassiot, Inc. was a proud tee sponsor for this occasion and has been a longtime supporter of the Tahoe Forest Hospital District. Geney/Gassiot, Inc. has sponsored previous Tahoe Forest Hospital golf classics dating as far back as 1991.


For SPONSORSHIP opportunities email msimon@tfhd.com or call Martha Simon, Chief Development Officer at 530-582-6329 for more information.

This event is hosted by the golf club at Gray’s Crossing in Truckee, California 530.550.5800


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Gene Upshaw



Phoenix Executive Building Takes Flight at Mixer

The Truckee Donner Chamber mixer was a roaring success Thursday at the Phoenix Executive Building, which was recently awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification, located at 12277 Soaring Way, Truckee.


An evening of drinks and appetizers was hosted by North Tahoe Commercial and catered by 50/50 Brewing Company.


“Everyone who attended was really excited to tour the Phoenix Executive Building and appreciated the quality of the interior finishes as well as the amazing views afforded by every space in the building. It was a great opportunity for the community to meet Terry and Bev Rust, the owners, as well as to learn more about the LEED Silver certification that was recently awarded to the building,” said Annemarie Huisman of North Tahoe Commercial. “Thanks to everyone who came out to see the building!”

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Sierra Sun



Executive Building rises to LEED silver certification

The Phoenix Executive Building, Truckee's premier professional office building, has been awarded its LEED silver certification, the first of its kind in the area. Constructed by Geney Gassiot, it is located across from Truckee Tahoe Airport at 12277 Soaring Way. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification is based on a building's site/location planning, energy use, water management, materials used, indoor environmental quality and innovation in the design process.

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Sierra Sun



Keeping It Local

Local Stimulus Package Considered in PDH Hospital Project

Traci Bue
Staff Writer

In accordance with the board of directors' desire to keep the work and dollars generated by the new Plumas District Hospital in the community, general contractors Geney/Gassiot, Inc. submitted a working draft of creative ideas towards a local stimulas plan this month.

The proposed ideas are an effort "to generate business and labor opportunities with local contractors, vendors and material suppliers...while remaining in compliance with Public Contract Code requirements and regulations."

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Plumas County News



Ward - Young Seeks Leed Certification on Forest Service and Lassen National Park Visitor's Center

By David Bourke, Associate, Ward - Young Architecture and Planning

The USFS Truckee Ranger District Building is currently being constructed by Geney/Gassiot and is expected to be completed in July of this year.  The building functions as an office for up to 60 employees, with open and private offices, conference rooms, a public reception area, and support spaces. The Forest Service went through an extensive process to create a 70 page document detailing overall and specific project requirements. One of those requirements was for the project to receive LEED silver certification. In order to design the building to meet the goals of the Forest Service,

Ward - Young Architects lead a design team of architects, and other specialist.


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Sierra Green Building Association



Truckee's Executive Building,The Phoenix

Welcomes First Tenant

The Phoenix Executive Building in Truckee, CA the town's premier professional office building, has welcomed it's first tenant, Adam Fisher Construction.

Constructed by Geney / Gassiot, Inc. The Phoenix Executive Building is a LEED Certified building, the first of its kind in the area. The building can accommodate approximately 20,000 sf of rentable space.  



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Sierra Sun



PDH to use two-phase construction to save money

Traci Bue
Staff Writter

Optimistic of the status of the new hospital project, principals of the design and building firms gave a project update to the Plumas District Hospital board of directors Feb. 5

Mike Geney of Geney / Geney Gassiot, Inc., construction contractors, who with lead architect Rick DeSouza of HDR summarized an integrated two phase development plan.

The Report included a timeline, probable cost and a behind the scenes look at organizational and financial strategies of the project.

Geny described a two phase plan, designed to provide early, coordination information between design and construction teams, while overlapping with buildout schedules and buy out stategy.

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Feather River Bulletin




Dennis J. Oliver

Lake Tahoe, Stateline, NV - The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) will recognize recipients of the 2008 Best in the Basin Awards at its Governing Board meeting on Wednesday, January 28, at the Chateau in Incline Village, NV.

This is the 19th year TRPA's Best in the Basin award program has recognized projects demonstrating exceptional planning, design, and compatibility with the Lake Tahoe envirornment. Local professionals in the fields of architecture, landscaping, planning, engineering, and resource management served as judges.

The 2008 Best in the Basin award winners are:

Best Restoration of a Historic Structure

Tahoe Fish Hatchery, 2394 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City, owner University of California, Davis. Work by architects Collaborative Design Studio, Reno; civil engineers Gary Davis Group, Tahoe City; Landscape architect, Design Workshop of Stateline, NV; General Contractor Geney/Gassiot, Truckee;  and historic architect Seigal & Strain, Emerville, CA.

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Tahoe Regional Planning Agency



Tahoe City Fish Hatchery renovation livens up historic UC Davis lab.

Once a sleepy building Lake Forest has woken up.

Wetland Restoration work remains
By Julie Brown
Sierra Sun

The fish hatchery's $3 million restoration and remodel, funded by private donations, is just about complete.

Now researchers have a state-of-the-art, not to mention clean, Tahoe City Field Lab to filter samples taken off the UC Davis research boat, the John Le Conte, which is docked in Tahoe City. Before, many samples had to be shipped to the university campus in Davis to be processed.

The Truckee-based contractors, Geney/Gassiot, said they enjoyed working on the historical project. They found the cedar bark from a connection on the foothills, said Peter Beaupre. You definitley have to coordinate a lot with the architect and the original drawings," Beaupre said.

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Sierra Sun